Friday, December 15, 2006

New Saltwater Fly Pattern added Angel Hair Bait Fish

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This pattern arose after a season of bass fly fishing when there was an extremely high proportion of baitfish compared to sand eel and the bass seemed completely preoccupied with this food source. Usually if you only have sand eel patterns when bass fishing and they are selectively feeding on baitfish a little cutting with a pair of scissors at the waterside on the fly can result in a fair imitation. This season was different. Unless the fly moved in a similar fashion and had the broad side profile the bass where not interested. After some experimentation this was the end result. It worked fantastically. This fly has also caught fish for me throughout the world and has now become one of my most favorite flies. The Angel hair bait fish can be fished on all lines and all retrieves.
Tying Method
Hook #4 - #1/0 stainless steel
Thread White
Eyes Epoxy eyes
Body Pearl Angel Hair
Over body Olive Angel Hair
Bed the hook with tying thread finishing just before the bend. Select a length of pearl Angel Hair and tie this above the hook shank. Select another length and tie this under the shank. Continue this process of applying Angel Hair above and below the hook shank until you reach just before he eye. You will notice that the side of the fly looks uneven. Cover the side of the shank on both sides by tying in a section of pearl Angel Hair. Tie in a section on Olive Angel Hair as a topping over the body of the fly, trim all excesses and whip finish. Trim the body to obtain a 'fish' shape to the fly. Apply a thin coat of epoxy to the head and allow to dry until tacky. Just before the epoxy sets squeeze the epoxy head to flare out the body of the fly. Once the epoxy has fully set glue the eyes in place and cover with a further coat of epoxy. Once this has set cover the head with 2 coats of Sally Hanson's hard as nails for a glossy finish.
Tight lines and good luck!