Monday, January 15, 2007

New pattern added to the Barracuda Guiding Website, the hot spot glister hares ear
Nearly all still water venues have populations of both shrimp and hoglouse and some of these populations are huge. At varying times of the year trout will gorge themselves on these invertibrates especially during early and late seasons when fly pupae are dormant. As shrimp and hoglouse are prevalent throughout the year trout will feed on these all year round. This makes it essential to have a good shrimp pattern in your box.
I have always enjoyed still water buzzer fishing during the summer months and continued this type of fishing during the winter using standard shrimp patterns such as gold ribbed hares ear etc. As excellent as these patterns are I felt that more could be done. Late autumn is the spawning time for shrimp when they take on a slightly pink hue. Also bloodworm buried in the silt are always on the trout menu. Therefore the design for this pattern arose. Hares ear is used for the body for the fly which is heavily teased to emulate breathers and legs whilst the glister hotspot does a few things. It gives the fly a hitting spot for the trout, creates movement in the fly when fished and when wet gives that slight pink hue to the fly. The final addition is a micro thickness strip of red holographic tinsel as a back (see picture below). I beleive this gives the impression of bloodworm. Wether this is what the trout see is another thing however the fly catches more trout with the inclusion of the holographic strip.
You can fish this fly on any line, either singuarly or as part of a team. I prefer using a floating line detecting bites by subtle twitches or under a bung fished static. The fly works just as well with the inclusion of a gold head or tungsten bead. With the gold head it makes this fly an excellent grayling pattern when river fishing.
Tying Method
Size #10-14 Grub
Natural Hares ear
Medium Copper Wire
Red glister dubbing
Over Body
Micro Red Holographic Tinsel
Bed the hook with tying thread and finish at the bend of the hook. Cut a section of copper wire tie in and trim. Cut a strip of red holographic tinsel and tie this in at the bend of the hook also. Dub the thread with hares ear including as many of the guard hairs as possible. Wrap this up the shank the the middle of the shank. Dub some red glister dubbing on the thread and create the fly hot spot. Dub some more hares ear and wrap this till just before the eye of the hook. Place the previously tied in holographic tinsel over the back of the fly, tie in and trim. Rib the fly with the copper wire making sure that the holographic back does not slip around the hook. Tie in the rib and trim. Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish.
Tight lines and good luck!

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