Monday, January 15, 2007

New Trout Fly Pattern added to Barracuda Guiding and - The Grizzle Marabou Damsel

This is another one of those patterns that is not only easy to tie but fantastic at catching trout. I came across this pattern a few years ago and has always been in my fly box ever since. This fly is certainly one of those patterns that does not catch the angler but certainly catches the fish! When fished through the water the fine fibres of the grizzle marabou pulsate with a truly 'life like' quality and when wet the fly really slims down to imitate the natural damsel pupae. Although the fly does look messy to the eye this is a must to ensure its fly fishing success. If there are damsels in your local water the trout there will just love this fly. This as others here is tied to international fly fishing competition rules but can be just as successful with the inclusion of a weighted bead (gold head) at the eye of the hook. You need to fish this fly on a floating line with the slightest of retrieve and when fishing sinking lines any retrieve will suffice. Always remember to mix retrieves up as wary trout get used to one retrieve only. Don't underestimate this fly and hold on to your rod, when trout hit this fly they hit it hard!
Tying Method
Hook Size #10-14 competition heavy
Thread Olive
Tail & Body Grizzle Marabou
Rib Medium Copper Wire
Thorax Peacock Herl
Bed the hook with tying thread and finish at the bend of the hook. Cut a section of copper wire tie in and trim. Select some grizzle marabou as a tail and leave enough marabou for the body, do not trim. Return the thread to the thorax area of the fly and wrap the excess grizzle marabou down the shank of the hook. Tie off and trim. Rib the body with the copper wire, tie this off and trim. Tie a length of peacock herl at the thicker butt end of the herl for strength and wrap this for a thorax. Tie this off, construct a neat head, whip finish and varnish.
Tight lines and good luck!

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