Monday, January 15, 2007

New trout fly pattern added to barracuda guiding and - The Buzzer Emerger

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This is another one of those patterns that is not only easy to tie but fantastic at catching trout. I came across this pattern a few years ago when I was doing allot of competition fishing. In the afternoon on match days the fish tend to become very finicky after seeing so many blobs etc earlier in the day. Even if the fish where avidly feeding on buzzers it did not matter what you put in front of them they would not bite - however this pattern did the trick when all else had failed. You need to fish this fly on a floating line with the slightest of retrieve and ties in the smaller sizes. Don't underestimate this fly and hold on to your rod, when trout hit this fly they hit it hard!
Tying Method
Hook Size #18-14 competition heavy
Thread Black
Body Thread
Thorax Natural Hares ear
Rib Fine pearl tinsel
Bed the hook with thread and tie in a length of fine pearl tinsel just after the bend of the hook. Return the thread to the thorax area and apply wax to the thread. Lightly dub the thread with natural hares ear, use guard hairs as this will give the thorax more texture and the fly movement as the fly drops through the water column. Rib the fly with the pearl tinsel and tie off at the eye. Whip finish and apply 2 coats of superglue to the body of the fly. Easy and effective!
Tight lines - steve

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