Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Saltwater Fly Pattern - The Hares Ear Shrimp

New Saltwater fly Pattern added to Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly - The Saltwater Hares Ear Shrimp

This is one of the best saltwater shrimp patterns for tropical waters that we at Barracuda Guiding have come across. We have used this pattern extensively around many of the Bahamian islands to great success for species from bonefish to parrot fish. This fly should be tied in a variety of sizes concentrating on size #4 and lower. Its also easy and quick to tie. You can fish this fly on all densities of lines although our preferred method is to fish the shallows with a floating line.

Tying Method

Hook #4 - #8 Stainless Steel
Thread Black
Feelers Natural Hares Mask
Flash Pearl crystal flash
Eyes Gold Dumb Bells
Rib Medium Pearl Tinsel
Body Natural Hares Ear
Bed the hook with tying thread finishing just slightly past the beginning of the bend of the hook. ( you may notice that the thread used is black rather than using brown. When the fly is wet the underbody thread colour darkens the body of the fly and therefore lighter spots when combined with the hares ear guard hairs ) Select a natural hares mask and cut some fibres from the cheek of the mask, the longer the better, remove the fluff from the base of these fibres and tie in as the feelers. Select a few strands of pearl crystal flash and tie this in as a topping for the feelers. Tie in the medium pearl tinsel and wind the thread along the shank of the hook until you reach approximately 1/3 along the hook shank. Tie in the Gold Dumb Bells on top of the hook shank making sure that the eyes are at right angles to the hook shank. This will ensure that the fly fished upside down in the water. Return the thread to where you tied in the pearl tinsel and dub the thread with wax. Select your hares ear, using as much guard hairs as possible in the mix and dub this onto the thread. Wrap this around the hook shank ensuring to cover where the Dumb Bells meet the shank of the hook both above and below. Continue until just before the eye of the hook and rib the fly with the pearl medium tinsel. Ties off, whip finish and varnish. As an option you can paint red spots on the Dumb Bells as a hitting spot.
Tight lines and good luck!

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