Sunday, January 28, 2007

new saltwater fly pattern steve's Ultra shrimp

New Saltwater Pattern added to Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly - steve's Ultra shrimp

We at Barracuda Guiding have always enjoyed fishing the original Ultra shrimp pattern and have had great success both here in the UK and abroad, but felt that it could do with a more life like representation in the water. As most Saltwater species including Bass feed heavily on shrimp, after many months of experimentation this was the final result. When fished the pattern resembles the translucency of the natural and has enough definition to for the fish to easily see the fly in clear water. The fly doesn't sink quickly and hence needs to be fished on a variety of sinking lines in the UK. When fishing the Bahamas the fly fishes best on a floating line.

Tying Method

Hook #4 - #6 stainless steel
Thread White
Feelers Natural Buck Tail
Flash Pearl crystal flash
Eyes Burnt Plastic
Over body Champagne Savage Hair
Under Body White Savage Hair

Bed the hook with thread stopping at the bend of the hook. Tie in a pinch of natural deer hair and top with a few strands of pearl crystal flash. Take 2 strips of plastic tubing and hold the ends close to a flame until the ends ball, then place to one side to cool. Once cool tie the eyes in on the top of the hook shank so that the balls are equally spaced. Trim excess. Return the thread until just before the eye of the hook and take some champagne savage hair and tie this as a shell cover. Before you tighten the threads using your thumb spread the savage hair at the tie in point to fan out the hair. Trim excess and tie in firmly. Turn the hook upside down in the vice and repeat the above process with the white savage hair. Form a neat head with the thread and whip finish. Turn the hook now the right way up in the vice and coat the shell back and the thread with permanent marker half way up the shell casing ( the champagne savage hair). Once this is dry coat the top of the fly with 5 minute epoxy.
Tight lines and good luck!

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