Sunday, January 28, 2007

This new fly pattern has been added to Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly

This is another competition favorite that has helped win many still water matches especially at the beginning and the end of the season. The black / green combination has always been an excellent fish catcher. Using peacock herl for the body creates a bronze iridescence that emulates natural insects but couple this with the chartreuse glister dubbing gives the trout a hitting spot. The dubbing also creates vortexes around the fly when pulled through the water creating both movement at the head section and extra movement at the tail. The above fly is tied using international competition rules and hence works best on all sinking lines. However if you fish this fly for pleasure it works better when using a floating line with the inclusion of a gold head and a longer marabou tail.
Tying Method
Hook #14 to #10 Competition Heavy Weight
Thread Black
Tail Black Marabou
Body Peacock Herl
Rib Fine Copper Wire
Head Chartreuse Glister dubbing
Bed the hook shank with thread, take a pinch of black marabou and tie this in for the tail and trim excess. Tie in a strip of peacock herl at the thick end of the herl for strength and tie in a length of fine copper wire, trim excess. Return the thread to 1/3 length of the hook shank from the eye. Wrap the hook shank with the peacock herl and tie off. Rib the body with the wire with equal turns and in the opposite direction of the peacock wraps to give extra strength to the body. Tie off and trim excess. Prepare the tying thread with wax and dub the thread with glister. Wrap the dubbed thread on the rest of the hook shank, whip finish and varnish.
Tight lines and good luck!

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