Monday, February 12, 2007

How to tie the Pike Marabou Sparkler

New Pike Fly Pattern added to Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly - The Pike Marabou Sparkler
The Pike Marabou Sparkler is one of the simplest pike fly tying patterns yet can be one of the most successful flies that we at Barracuda Guiding have used. Although it is far from an exact replica of a baitfish the amount of movement this fly obtains in the water attracts pike like none other. The pulsating marabou collar combined with the flash of the tail is indicative of a wounded pray fish triggering the aggressive nature of Pike. This fly fishes best on sinking lines depending on the depth of water fished. Varying the retrieve constantly is the key to pike fishes. Sometimes the best retrieve is to pull in 20-30 feet of line then come to a full stop for a minute. As with most pike flies this one is big. Ideally you need a fly length of 12 inches so get that casting practice in, ensuring that the rod and not you do most of the work. As with all predator fishing use a length of wire trace on your leaders.
Tying Method
Hook Pike Aberdeen #4/0
Thread Hot Lime Green Glo Floss
Tail Laser Lite and pearl crystal hair
Collar Red Marabou
Head Cover in Epoxy

Using the glo floss as tying thread, bed the shank of the hook from the eye and finish just before the bend. Cut a generous amount of laser lite using the full length of the shank of the material and tie this in. Select a generous length of pearl crystal hair and tie this in also. Trim and apply a couple of firm wraps of floss and continue wraps so that there are no bumps at the join. Take a red marabou plume and tie in at the tip. Wrap this as a hackle three or four times to give a bushy collar, tie this in securely and trim. Form a tapered nose and tie off near the eye. Epoxy the nose of the fly, let dry and cover with two of Sally Hanson's hard as nails. You will notice on the above picture that the hook has been de barbed. Personally I de barb all pike hooks before I start tying. Aberdeen hooks, although very strong can be britlle around the hook point when being de barbed. I therefore use a pair of gas pliers to de barb my hooks due the surface area, slowly increasing the pressure until the hook is de barbed.
Tight lines and good luck !