Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fishing Report - Govenors Harbour - Bahamas

As you can see the bonefish have been biting here at Govenors harbour in the Bahamas. In the bay low tide seems to be best using a floating line with small crazy charlie patterns in a sand colour. Retreive the fly in slow 6 inch strips with a pause in between each strip. Give the fly plenty of time to sink and keep the fly near the bottom. The top end of the bay by where the boats are mored seems the most productive. Fish as you go into the water as the bonefish here come in very close. You will see bonefish darting up and down the bay. Don't cast to these as they are not on to the feed. Wait until these fish return later and you can see them feeding. If you cast to these moving fish they will spook easily and you will blank the rest of the day. On the other side of the harbour its best fishing from high tide out. Here the water is a lot deeper and we have found more success on stripping intermediate lines with baitfish patterns of 2-3 inches in length. Gummy minnows being one of the favourites. Cast out to the second sand bank and let the fly sink approx 20 seconds and start pulling. Fish are there right through up to the beginning of the reef on the left hand side. If you haven't had the opurtunity to fish for these fantastic fighting fish, you need to stick this on the list of fishing to do before you die! These fight unlike any other fish you can think of and every fish takes you down to the backing and more. When we get back we will post tying patterns and more info on this exciting branch of the sport here on the blog and on Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly.
Tight lines

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