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Nomad Trout pattern added to Barradcuda Guiding and Cudafly

New Trout pattern added to Barracuda Guiding and Cudafly - The Nomad
Fly Pattern History
This is one of the most famous and successful lures of all time. The original pattern was designed and fished by the Nomad fly fishing team based out of the midlands. Using this fly the team won most of the major still water competitions and consequently was kept on the 'secret list' for many years. The above example, the olive and black variant, is by far the best colour combination for most still waters.
On a fly design aspect the Nomad offers some points of note. The red Glo floss head acts as a natural hitting spot for the trout whilst the olive fritz creates a vortex when the fly is pulled creating more noise through the water plus pulsating the marabou tail. The tail should not be dressed too heavily as this impairs movement. As ever we want to tie flies that catch fish not the angler. Another good addition to the Nomad is to tie in some blue holographic tinsel in the tail. This can prove the ultimate lure however be warned. The inclusion of the blue holographic tinsel can make this fly devastating or completely put the fish off the feed. If it works on your water you will get unbelievable catches, if it doesn't there is a good chance you will blank. However if you keep to the above combination you won't go far wrong.
Fishing this fly is basically up to you. It will work from a floating line through to the fastest of sinkers. On a floating line either twitch very slowly or pull a few inches and then let it sink up to maybe 30 seconds. Most of the fish will be taken at this time as the fly descends to the bottom. Fishing the Nomad on a sinking line can range form very fast (blob) pulling to a twitchy constant retrieve. My personal favorite method is to use a fast glass (clear intermediate) with a fast sinking poly leader attached to the fly line. The Polly leader then drags the fly to the bottom and effectively hinges the fly over any ledges etc on the lake bed. Using a short leader of about 6 - 8 feet gets that fly to the bottom. Retrieve then with a constant twitching retrieve and hold on to your rod. The Trout love this fly. Lastly as with all lure fishing move around the lake as the trout soon get used to the lures.

Fly Tying Method

Hook Size #10 competition heavy
Thread Black
Body Olive Fritz
Tail Black Marabou
Hotspot (head) Red Glo Floss (with 2 coats of hard as nails)
Gold Head Medium Gold Head

Tying Procedure
Slip a medium sized gold head bead onto the hook. Bed the hook with tying thread along the last half of the hook shank towards the bend. Return the thread to the bend of the hook. Take a pinch of black marabou and tie this in just before the bend of the hook. Trim the marabou. If you wish to add some blue holographic tinsel in the tail add it now. Take a length of Olive fritz and strip some of the flash off the core to expose the thread. Tie the thread core of the fritz in at the bend and return to half way up the hook shank. Wrap the fritz in close turns pulling back the flash of the fritz with each turn. This makes the fritz as bushy as possible. Continue with the fritz up to the half way point. Whip finish, trim and varnish. When dry push the bead up to the the fritz. Change the thread in the bobbin holder for some fine red Glo floss yarn. Pushing the gold head up to the fritz make a cone shape with the thread. Whip finish and apply two coats of Sally Hanson's hard as nails. The fly is ready to fish. Other colour combinations worth a note for this fly are cats whisker, orange, sunburst and all olive
Tight lines and good luck!
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