Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Treemeadow fishing report Cornwall april 24th 2007

Here's the latest fishing report from Treemeadow trout fishery, Cornwall. With the warming climate Buzzer hatches are increasing and the trout are taking these avidly. Due to this both lakes are producing very good catch results to black buzzers (size #10-16) either drifted or retrieved slowly. As ever due to the huge Damsel population in both lakes any form of damsel nymph fished slowly on a floating line or rapidly twitched on a slime line (clear intermediate) will always do the trick. The water quality on willow lake is as ever exceptionally clear. This week orange stalking bugs have had the biggest catches with a 13lb 4oz Rainbow Trout falling to one of these bugs. The largest fish on sedge has been a 6lb Rainbow Trout succumed by a damsel. Approximately 10 days ago a brown trout was caught in the sedge lake weighing a massive 14lb which was returned unharmed ( fishery policy all browns to be returned). This is impressive in itself but for those of you who have not fished treemeadow, sedge lake is where the smaller fish are! Keep up the great work John (Fishery owner)
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