Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CudaFly Question – What happens if what I order is not in stock?

Although we have most items in stock for immediate delivery sometimes we cannot get the item you have ordered from our supplier. Unlike most fly tying web sites we do not back order outstanding items unless we have been requested to do so from you the customer. This means that if we do not have the item we will reimburse your monies before the order is shipped via Paypal or Nochex. This gives you the customer complete peace of mind and does not result in waiting an excessive amount of time for your products.

April May Prize draw winner

Congratulations to Mr Anns of Northants who was randomly drawn this month winning 6 hard boxes of Turrals flies. As ever the response was high so to all those who didn't win thank you for the entries and better luck on the next draw.

Fly Tyers Wanted - Earn Extra Cash

The success of the Steve’s custom flies section of the CudaFly website has been phenomenal. Unfortunately due to time constraints I find it difficult to keep the stock maintained and especially tie new patterns for the site. We at CudaFly are looking for proficient fly tyers who may want to sell their flies through our site. What we propose is that a complete section of the site will be devoted to your flies under your name with the backup of all the barracuda sites. This means that your flies will be advertised not only through CudaFly but also through the blog, barracuda Guiding and when completed a new site for steve’s custom flies. What we at CudaFly propose is that your flies will be bought in batches of ten at a wholesale price which can be paid either through paypal, directly into you bank account or by cheque. We will then sell at a retail price to cover our costs. When we have a minimum of 5 patterns on sale we will then give you an account on the CudaFly site with a HUGE discount to increase your profitability. We will discuss this discount over the phone. We do have plans in the future to produce flies commercially on a wholesale basis to the trade. When we have enough patterns and we begin this process you will be given the opportunity to have these produced in a large scale with a percentage of those flies sold given as royalties on a monthly basis.We do have high standards to which flies will be put onto the site. If you have never tied commercially before do not be deterred as you maybe surprised that you will meet the standard. Initially please contact Cudafly through the contact form with a list of the flies that you would like to submit. We will then contact you to confirm that the chosen patterns could be commercial. Then send two flies of each pattern to the address below so that we can check the standard. Those patterns which are not accepted will be returned. Those that are will have to be kept for reference purposes and a tying procedure submitted. This is in readiness for the future when the flies are produced commercially. Once we have agreed on a price we will then accept delivery of your flies and future patterns can be submitted as you wish. Once we have received your flies we will send monies asap usually within 1 week as per your desired payment method. We will then photograph your flies and put them on our sites. Once your flies begin to sell we will re submit orders as required. Fly TipsBoth flies of each pattern submitted should look the same. Heads should be small, wings in proportion to the fly and any ribbing equidistant. If the patterns submitted are not standard make a name that you would like the fly to be known as such as ‘Steve’s Buzzer’. We will not accept flies that are currently on our site however variants are more than welcome.If you any further questions please use the contact form.
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