Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meadow Fisheries Fly Fishing Report 14/3/11 to 24/03/11

Fishing has picked up with the better weather.  Tiny buzzers through to tadpole and lures have been successful.  Lots of midges about and people have caught on dry fly as well.
Local Fishing club Mickle Trafford came on 20th March and fished for the Meadow Fishery Silver Plate - the winner was Mr S Antrobus with a bag weight of 5lb 8oz.

Other big fish were.
Mr Croft  - 4.8  Gold head cats whicker
Mr Harrison - 6.9  Gold head
Mr Green - 6.12  Montana
Mr Jackson - 8.7 Yellow Fritz.

Mallard Lake is closed on Saturday 26th March as we are holding the Trout Masters Fish Off.

For further information contact the fishery on 01244300236 or visit the website at where a free mainland UK delivery offer is available for orders over £150.00

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