Friday, March 11, 2011

New Trout Fly added To Steve's Custom Fly Shop - Crystal Montana

Crytsal Montana's have now been added to Steve's Custom fly shop. This fly is a great all round nymph / lure trout fly pattern that can be used throughout the year and is tied in the UK by Steve Personally.
 You can find this fly priced at £0.95 each at

If you want to tie this fly here are the instructions.

Fly Tying Method

Hook - #12 Bead Sproat
Thread - Black
Tail - Black Marabou
Rear body and thorax cover - Black Chenille
Wings - Strands Pearl Crinkle Flash
Thorax - Chartreuse Chenille

Tying Procedure

Bed the hook with tying thread and continue to the rear of the hook. Take a pinch of black marabou and tie this in at the rear, bed the hook shank well with tying thread making sure there are no bumps from the marabou. Select a section of micro black chenille and using your thumb and forefinger strip the chenille to reveal the inner core. Tie this in at the rear by the core only - otherwise you will get a big bump at the rear of the fly. Wrap the chenille around the hook up to 3/4 the length of the shank. Tie off and pull the chenille up and back to the rear ready to use for the thorax cover. Take three strands of crinkle flash and tie following the shank of the hook as pictured and repeat on the other side of the fly. Tie off and trim both sides the same length. Strip a section of micro chartreuse chenille, tie this in and wrap towards the eye. Tie off and trim. Take the black chenille that was tied off and pull forward for the thorax cover. Tie this off, whip finish and varnish the head.

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